Jarl Waggoner


Jarl Waggoner

Jarl Waggoner began editing the Wisdom Commentary Series in 2017 and has since joined the Wisdom Journey team.

He has been a professional editor and writer for more than thirty years. His editing work has ranged from academic titles for major Christian publishing houses to Sunday school curriculum. And for thirteen years, he served as managing editor of the Creation Research Society Quarterly.

Several of his own books have been published, including Prophets for Our Time: An Exposition of Obadiah and Jonah and The World’s Views: A Christian Perspective on the Beliefs of Our Day. Other published writings number in the hundreds and include magazine articles, reviews, Sunday school lessons, and contributions to books. In addition, he has served as an associate pastor and as a visiting instructor at a Bible college in Ukraine.

A native of West Virginia, Jarl is a graduate of Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana, where he met his wife—Winona. They are the parents of four sons and a daughter and now grandparents to four granddaughters and one grandson.