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  • Algo para Pensar (Something to Think About Spanish Translation) (Book) (STTAS00) Books & Booklets

    Scripture References

    • Hebrews 12:3
    Hebreos capítulo 12 comienza diciendo que tenemos en derredor una gran nube de testigos. Esto ha sido de mucho ánimo para mí a través de los años al pensar y considerar quienes son esos testigos. La mayoría de ellos luchaban con las mismas cosas que usted y yo luchamos en la actualidad –cosas como la More Details

    Price: $8.00

  • In Pursuit of Prodigals (Book) (IPOP00) Books & Booklets

    For nineteen hundred years the Church obeyed God by disciplining unrepentant prodigals and restoring them when they repented. Over the past half-century, however, the Church has become apathetic to discipline. So in this this brief primer Stephen appeals to us to return to this biblical distinctive and encourage those who are struggling More Details

    Price: $12.99

  • En Busqueda de Prodigos (In Pursuit of Prodigals Spanish Translation) (Book) (IPOPS00) Books & Booklets

    La iglesia ha practicado la disciplina y restauración por mas de mil novecientos años, pero en las ultimas cinco décadas, esto ha sido sustituido por apatía, miedo y tolerancia. Este breve manual es ofrecido en oración como un llamado a regresar a esas practicas de admonición bíblica sin temor. Despu More Details

    Price: $8.00

  • JOB - All Three Volumes (Booklets) (JOB00) Books & Booklets

    In 39 seconds Job's entire world was turned upside down. He went from a wealthy land-owner to a penniless beggar and was left to pick up the pieces of his life, his love, and his faith. Witness how God brings him through this dramatic time as Stephen brings us this 3-part study on Job's unforgettable story.  More Details

    Price: $24.00

    Sale Price: $19.20

  • When Lightning Strikes (Book) (WLS00) Books & Booklets

    Scripture References

    • Job 1:1 - 2:10
    All it took was 39 seconds, and Job’s world was turned upside down. Like a bolt of lightning, death and destruction arrived, leaving nothing in their wake. In less than a minute, all of Job’s hopes, plans, and dreams were gone; it took only a few moments to turn this wealthy father into a penniless, childless mourner More Details

    Price: $8.00

  • The Hush of Heaven (book) (HOH00) Books & Booklets

    Scripture References

    • Job 3 - 31
    Where do we turn when the storm clouds roll in and God can no longer be seen or heard? What do we do when God seems silent? In this impactful book Stephen reminds us that hope can be found even in the midst of The Hush of Heaven More Details

    Price: $8.00

  • When God Speaks (Book) (WGS00) Books & Booklets

    Scripture References

    • Job 38:1 - 42:17
    After 38 chapters of painful silence, God finally answers Job. However, it's not in the way Job would have expected. Find out in this message what God said and why it changed Job's attitude toward his suffering More Details

    Price: $8.00